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We serve clients across the US who are passionate about quality craftsmanship and beautiful design. 

Whether you’re a new brand in need of an online strategy or an existing business looking to elevate your current online presence, we ensure your brand reflects your unique style so you can attract more of your ideal customers.

We promise to take your brand and ensure it represents you wholly and fully. We are a boutique business because we value being intrinsically connected to our clients. We take on a select number of projects each year, allowing us to infuse our passion and creativity into our work wholeheartedly.

Who we serve

Our Promise

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Social Media Assistant


Founder, Creative Director

Lindsay first started working with boutique businesses in 2015 while exploring her passions for all things visual. While watching each business she worked with continue to grow, she discovered how creative strategies and mindful design can be key drivers of business success.

She's a firm believer that a strong visual foundation can open up the door to new opportunities and is passionate about elevating the online creative experience for her clients. 

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