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We're proud to work with businesses that share our passion for craftsmanship, soulful interiors, and sustainability. From small artisanal shops and interior design companies, to luxury lifestyle products and boutique hotels, we partner with design-forward brands who are eager to elevate their online presence.

Our boutique approach means that we pay close attention to every detail, from the content we create to the analytics we track. We take on a select number of projects each year, allowing us to infuse our passion and creativity into our work wholeheartedly.

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Ashley is our talented Social Media Assistant who has been making waves with our DC clients since moving from Florida this year. Her skills in managing Instagram and TikTok profiles, creating engaging reel and story content, online community building and analyzing data have helped our clients reach new heights. 

Ashley's contributions to our client's VIP days have been nothing short of exceptional, and she has quickly become a favorite among our clients. Her efficiency, professionalism, and enthusiasm to delivering results make her an indispensable member of UCM. 

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys exploring all that DC has to offer, from walks to the capital to the bustling food & drink scene!



Lindsay first started working with boutique businesses in 2015 while exploring her passions for all things visual. While watching each business she worked with continue to grow, she discovered how creative strategies and mindful design can be key drivers of business success.

In 2018, Lindsay decided to start her own company, and Urban Chic Media was born. As the visionaire, Lindsay's expertise goes beyond just social media marketing. She also provides many of her clients with high-quality photography services that help showcase their products and services in the best possible light. Additionally, she offers visual direction for social clients, ensuring that their social media content is always on-brand and visually stunning. 

She's a firm believer that a strong visual foundation can open up the door to new opportunities and is passionate about elevating the online creative experience for her clients. 


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