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Custom Strategy

social media management strategy

We firmly believe in setting a strong foundation for growth first. This strategy provides guidelines for all future imagery, video, and social media content while leaving you with the foundational elements needed to maintain a professional, credible, and polished profile so you can attract your ideal customers.


Instagram Audit
Upon gaining a thorough understanding of your goals, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current strategy, reviewing everything from your bio and captions to your content strategy, in order to provide you with tailored recommendations for improvement.

Content Pillars

To assist you in clarifying your niche and streamlining content planning, we offer three content pillars that serve as a framework, along with a collection of post ideas to kickstart your creative process.

​Visual Direction
With Instagram being a visual platform, we'll help you communicate with your audience by guiding you on how to refine your imagery, copywriting, and aesthetic. 

Optimization Tools
• Hashtag Research & Guidelines
• Engagement Guidelines
• Suggested Next Steps

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