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Custom Strategy

social media management strategy

We firmly believe in setting a strong foundation for growth first. This strategy provides guidelines for all future imagery, video, and social media content while leaving you with the foundational elements needed to maintain a professional, credible, and polished profile so you can attract your ideal customers.


Instagram Audit
We’ll fine-tune areas that we feel your audience sees as effective and enhance areas we feel your audience views as less effective.

Content Strategy
With Instagram being a visual platform, we'll help you communicate with your audience by guiding you on how to refine your imagery, copywriting, and aesthetic. 

• 3 Content pillars to help you get clear on your niche and make planning content easier.

• 10 caption topic ideas to get you started.

• Imagery and video direction to refer to for all future content creation.

• Suggestions on how to integrate your branding throughout your feed to build brand recognition.

• Custom Instagram grid design to ensure your profile stays visually cohesive.

• Third party insight on how your brand can stand out from the crowd.

Optimization Tools
• Hashtag Strategy
• Hashtag Do's and Don'ts
• Engagement Strategy
• Engagement Do's and Don'ts

• Suggested Next Steps

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