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Julia Longchamps Design

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Instagram Strategy, Social Media Management, VIP Content Days

Julia Longchamps Design (JLD) is a full-service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential projects. JLD hired us to help grow their brand awareness, Instagram following, and converting more ideal clients. 

Recognizing Julia's exceptional talent and unwavering passion for crafting breathtaking spaces, we set out to develop a comprehensive strategy that would amplify her online presence and attract a larger base of ideal clients. Central to this strategy were the VIP Content Days, where we had the opportunity to showcase her work through captivating reel content. 

The social media video content we produced during these sessions not only resonated with her existing audience but also attracted a fresh wave of admirers, drawn to the beauty, function, and meticulous attention to detail showcased in her designs. After just six months of content creation and social media management, her Instagram following grew from 1,837 to 13,500 followers. Majority of this growth can be attributed to the engaging reels we produced during our VIP days, alongside the breathtaking projects she designs!

We are excited to continue providing ongoing support in expanding Julia's online presence.

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instagram reels.jpg
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