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We're dedicated to creating a unique, curated experience for your brand so you can focus on running your business.

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We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to social media management. Unlike larger agencies that often shuffle clients through multiple departments and people, we have one dedicated individual that works side-by-side with our founder to oversee every aspect of your account. This allows us to pivot quickly and make adjustments as needed to ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve. 


Custom Strategy

We firmy believe in setting the right foundation for growth first. This strategy gives you the foundational elements needed to have a professional, credible, and polished profile so you can attract your ideal customers. Please note: We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, therefore the deliverables below may change as it's tailored to your unique needs. 

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Instagram Audit
We’ll fine-tune areas that we feel your audience sees as effective and enhance areas we feel your audience views as less effective.

Content Strategy
With Instagram being a visual platform, we'll help you communicate with your audience by guiding you on how to refine your imagery, copywriting, and aesthetic. 

• 3 Content pillars to help you get clear on your niche and make planning content easier.

• 10 caption topic ideas to get you started.

• Imagery and video direction to refer to for all future content creation.

• Suggestions on how to integrate your branding throughout your feed to build brand recognition.

• Custom Instagram grid design to ensure your profile stays visually cohesive.

• Third party insight on how your brand can stand out from the crowd.

Optimization Tools
• Hashtag Strategy
• Hashtag Do's and Don'ts
• Engagement Strategy
• Engagement Do's and Don'ts

• Suggested Next Steps



Instagram Management

Social Media packages are tailored to client's individual goals and needs. 


Designated Account Manager
Curated Posts

Story Clusters


Post Scheduling
Hashtag Optimization
Community Engagement
Activity Monitoring
Monthly Report/Strategy Call



  • Increased brand awareness with your target audience

  • Increased website traffic

  • More opportunities for conversion

  • Establish value and brand authority

  • A cohesive visual aesthetic


Popular Pairings


Instagram Reels

We'll create trend-driven reels that speak to your target audience and have their best shot at hitting the explore page. Take a look at some of the reel videos we've created here.


  • Planning, Filming, EditingAudio Selection


VIP Content Days

Showcasing your brand's management, team, culture, or daily workings can humanize your business and create a deeper connection between you and your followers. This is where behind-the-scenes (BTS) content takes center stage!  

Each month, we'll have an on-site session with you to capture BTS content and hop on in-the-moment, viral trends to keep your socials thriving.


Styled Photoshoots

Bi-monthly or quarterly shoots to keep your content fresh and ahead of the trends. 

  • Eleve Photoshoot

  • Full-Scale Photoshoot

  • E-Commerce Photos

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